Just Another Brightonian.

I remember so many evenings on Brighton beach, the sun lowering in the western sky. The last of the daylight reflecting off the white shell of palace pier, and when they switched on the lights it always made me think of someone who just couldn’t let Christmas go. It was mid-April and there would be spasms of bright lights in the distance. We would always have the cheapest larger we could find and plenty of rolling tobacco

There is a feeling on Brighton beach you don’t get anywhere else. After a few drinks and with a cigarette (which by this point you have no real interest in smoking, but your body just didn’t think not to roll it) hanging from your mouth, you see everything in a kind of hyper definition.

There is an energy around there at twilight, there is an awareness of a positive future and potential in life. It’s easy to forget that you’re toeing the line each day, you can just be “cool” for a bit. Take off your shoes of responsibility and wade waist deep in the water. Be ‘just another Brightonian’ in a sea of Brightonians.

#brighton #brightonbeach #brightonian #beach #nightlife #reflection #lifestyle #life #sussex #sea #south #coast #england #britain

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